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Close-up of two hands performing a pain-releasing deep tissue massage on someone's back.

Back Pain Meltaway


Is Deep Tissue Massage the right choice for me?

Maresia’s Deep Tissue Massage is the perfect choice for you if you're seeking targeted relief from soreness and stiffness resulting from stress, prolonged sitting, or repetitive strains.


If you have a preference for thorough, slow massage styles with a lot of attention to detail, this massage is for you.

Founder of Maresia Massagens in Porto performing a deep tissue massage on a client, using elbows to reach deeper layers of muscle and promote relaxation.

Muscle knots and tension

Tight back muscles

Sore hips & legs

Achy feet


Neck & shoulder issues

Deep Tissue Massage may help with:

Massage therapist applying deep pressure using fist knuckles to massage the client's calves.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage, also often referred to as Sports Massage, is a therapeutic approach that aims to decrease tension and soreness by targeting the deeper muscle layers.

During your session, I apply sustained pressure, using slow, deep massage strokes to reach the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

I perform this treatment with a blend of organic coconut oil and soothing essential oils, offering additional benefits for your well-being and aiding the healing process.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage


Alleviates muscle pain, tension and soreness.

Part of Maresia Massagens Massage studio in Porto displaying a shelf of towels and various bottles of organic aromatherapy oils and gemstones.

Discover 5


of Deep Tissue Massage

Note: While regular Deep Tissue Massages contribute to overall physical and emotional well-being, 

I do not diagnose or treat acute injuries or diseases.

Please consult with your GP or Physiotherapist if you have any concerns.

How to choose the right Appointment Duration:

60  minutes: Ideal for targeting specific areas like neck & back or lower back & hips.

90  minutes: Great for a full-body or a partial massage.

120 minutes: Ideal for a detailed full-body massage.

​Ready to experience the transformative power of an authentic Deep Tissue Massage in Porto?

Book now to receive a personalized sit-down consultation during your first appointment, ensuring a tailored experience just for you.

You'll enjoy an effective yet comfortable massage treatment, followed by an additional five minutes of relaxation in solitude on my heated massage table.

Two thumbs applying pressure to massage the calf of a massage client while the feet comfortably rest on a bolster.

Treatment Times & Prices

Deep Tissue 

60 min - €65
90 min - €95
120 min - €135

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