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Woman lying on massage table, eyes closed with serene smile, receiving neck massage at Maresia Massagens in Porto, Portugal.


...Ready for a new you?

Maresia's individually tailored massages help replenish joy and vitality and melt away tension and soreness in a holistic way.

Looking for an effective Deep Tissue Massage or soothing Relaxation Massage in Porto?

Woman receiving relaxing massage with towel over back in serene atmosphere at Maresia Massagens studio in Porto, Portugal.

          I can help with:

          Muscle knots and tension

          Tight back muscles

          Stress and anxiety

          Back, neck and shoulder issues
          Headaches and low energy


Hi, I'm Veronique!

I'm a passionate Massage Therapist and the founder of Maresia Massagens, a holistic massage studio conveniently located in the city center of Porto.


With my background as an ICU Nurse and a deep passion for holistic Bodywork and Aromatherapy, I offer a unique blend of expertise tailored to support you on your journey towards better health and wellness.


Whether you're seeking relief from achy muscles with a nice and firm Deep Tissue Massage or simply want to unwind with one of my Relaxing Massages, my intuitive approach will quickly help you to feel better and achieve the desired results.

Smiling founder and massage therapist of Maresia Massagens, providing top-rated massages in Porto, Portugal.
Smiling massage therapist providing a neck massage to a female client lying comfortably on a warm massage table at Maresia Massagens in Porto, Portugal.

My approach

I believe that only effective communication, professionalism, and empathy can lead to the best results in massage therapy.


That's why I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and preferences on your first session, ensuring a personalized experience just for you.


Sounds good?


Neatly folded bath towel with dried lavender and a small bottle of healing essential oil on top.
Carafe with water, lemon, and herbs on table, surrounded by a rock crystal, a cup of steaming organi
Massage client wrapped in a white towel enjoying a cup of organic tea with eyes closed, with the log
Massage studio in the city center of Porto with massage table in the center, tealight, and rolled to


This fully customized massage treatment is specifically designed to help your body release painful tension, alleviate achy muscle knots, and to promote a healthy posture. If you work long hours in a seated position or are currently undergoing a prolonged period of stress and strain, this massage can help you to restore a sensation of harmony, lightness and ease.

Back Pain Meltaway

Two hands performing a vigorous deep tissue massage on the back of a massage client.


Experience a moment of balance and tranquility with Maresia's unique Aurum Manus Gemstone Massage - a luxurious treatment that combines warm oil massage with the beneficial effects of carefully selected crystals, designed to recharge your batteries and reawaken your senses.

Magic Aurum Manus


Head of relaxed female massage client lying comfortably on pillows on a massage table with eyes closed, receiving an Aurum Manus gemstone facial massage at Maresia Massagens in Porto, Portugal.

Discover a realm of deep relaxation and individually selected scents with Maresia’s Aromatherapy Massage - a serene journey to inner peace and pure rejuvenation. This profoundly destressing treatment is rounded off with a revitalizing facial massage and an energizing scalp massage to help you get back in touch with your inner light and happiness.

Scentful Bliss

Hand holding a bottle of aromatherapy massage oil, pouring it into the other hand receiving the oil in preparation for an aromatherapy massage.


Looking for a thoughtful gift for your nearest and dearest?

A massage gift voucher offers a wonderful way to express your appreciation and care for those dear to you. Gift vouchers for a 60- or 90- minute massage appointment are available to buy in digital and physical formats.

The Gift of Happiness


Two hands holding a massage gift voucher from Maresia Massagens in Porto.



Relaxing can be so easy!

Schedule your appointment in just one minute, with no need to pre-pay or create an account.

Towel with dried lavender and a bottle of organic aromatherapy essential oil from Primavera Life on top of a massage table.

Quality Promises

Why you should opt for
Maresia Massagens


Close-up of two hands performing a top-rated deep tissue massage at Maresia Massagens in Porto.

Veronique is a skilful, mindful and experienced massage therapist. I loved the most how attentive she is when it comes to the clients needs. Everything was just on point and Veronique is a perfect example of combining professionalism (she is such a PRO when it comes about deep tissue massage!) and wonderful, kind and caring personality. Thank you for the outstanding relaxing experience!


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